Month: November 2018

Constructivism Theory of Learning

“…knowledge is not simply transmitted from teacher to student, but actively constructed by the mind of the learner.” (Taylor and Francis, p 135-136) What exactly is constructivism and what does it mean to build knowledge? Constructivism may sound like a fancy term for construction because, well, essentially it is. But the root word construction is … Read More

Student-Centered Learning

“The understanding is not a vessel which must be filled, but firewood, which needs to be kindled; and love of learning and love of truth are what should kindle it.” – Plutarch Understanding student-centered learning approaches to education Student-centered learning is an approach to education that puts the student first. It stands in direct contrast … Read More

Decentralized schooling for the 21st Century: an Open Space Education proposal

“True progress lies in the direction of decentralization, both territorial and functional, in the development of the spirit of local and personal initiative, and of free federation of simple to the compound, in lieu of the present hierarchy from the centre to the periphery.” Peter Kropotkin What is decentralization? In general, the term decentralization applies … Read More