A Learning Community for the 21st Century.

Student Centered

Tired of boring textbooks and mind-numbing lectures? Take charge of your own education by creating an individual learning path around your passions and interests. Student-centered learning allows you to choose what to learn, when to learn, where to learn, and even how to learn. OSE learning frameworks help you stay on track with your own learning goals and ensure that your work has academic merit.


Who needs tests and grades? Showcase your skills and experiences in your personal blog and project portfolio. You decide what work to share publicly, and what work to keep for yourself. You can even build special collections for homeschool evaluators, college recruiters, and employers. A well-rounded portfolio of real-world skills and accomplishments speaks volumes more than a report card.


Teamwork. Collaboration. Problem-solving. Critical thinking. In this rapidly changing world we need 21st century skills. Create or join an action learning team, conduct research, and implement solutions through civic engagement. From sustainability issues such as access to clean water and energy, to social justice issues like gun control, racism and human rights, the possibilities to make a difference are endless.


Individualized education is a priority for OSE. Our frameworks won't tell you what to learn or when to learn. But they will help you to develop your own individual learning path. Students can use OSE in conjunction with school, or in place of school. For those choosing to use OSE in place of school, you may choose to work with an advisor who can act as a facilitator of your learning process, ensuring you meet your unique education laws and stay on your chosen path.


OSE isn't a school. in the traditional sense. There is no building. There is no curriculum. There is no accreditation. You don't enroll in OSE. The OSE program was designed to exist outside the bounds of traditional schools. No one will grade your work, nor ask you to complete quizzes or tests. Here, your portfolio is your proof of work. Self and peer-to-peer evaluations are your measurements. The quality, quantity and direction of your portfolio is up to you.


In traditional education systems, learning is separate from work. Students often can't recognize the relevance of learning concepts that have little real-world value to them. By completing work that is relevant to them and their future and by participating in our unique token system of earning for learning, OSE students have a real reason to stay on task. OSE is currently working to develop a learning economy for our online platform through a decentralized ledger.

Get your mind out of the box.

" Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world. "
-Paulo Freire