Homeschool Tumbling Day

Every Monday for a few weeks I went to homeschool tumbling day at the Newtown Athletic Club Brown.  There was a lot of gymnastics equipment like huge trampoline, foam pit, tumble track, spring floors, & spring boards.  I liked it because it was fun and I met some friends.

The Old Barracks

I visited the Old Barracks in Trenton, NJ.  The Old Barracks was built during the French and Indian War.  It was used to house British soldiers because before that people had to let the soldiers sleep in their homes.  They did not like that so the state built this building for them.  During the Revolution, soldiers came there to … Read More

Pennsbury Manor Homeschool Day

Pennsbury Manor is William Penn’s home.  He was the founder of Pennsylvania.  The word Pennsylvania actually means Penn’s Woods.  William Penn was known as a peaceful man and was very tolerant towards different ethnicities and religions.  His dream was to have lots of different types of people settled in Pennsylvania.  All of the other colonies … Read More

Washington’s Crossing and Bowman’s Tower

I visited Washington’s Crossing Park and Bowman’s Tower.  This park is where Washington Crossed the Delaware River on Christmas morning to surprise the British troops.  It is a famous spot for the Revolutionary War.  I also went to Bowman’s Hill Tower.  This is where a tower was built to remember Washington’s Crossing.  Bowman’s Hill is the … Read More

The US Constitution

I have a copy of the Constitution, not the original copy, but a copy from a time when I visited the old Barracks in Trenton, NJ. The Constitution was written after the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration came first in 1776, and the Constitution came next in 1787.  It was signed in Philadelphia at Independence which I … Read More

The Declaration of Independence

I went to the Old Barracks building in Trenton NJ.  I got a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  it looks like the real one and is hard to read so I printed a copy of the words.  The most famous part of the declaration is the beginning where it says  “We hold these truths to be … Read More