Teen Breathe Magazine (Getting Grounded)

During winter people deal with lower mood, less energy and eat more it’s a natural response to when it’s cold outside and want to stay inside but humans can’t hibernate like bears it’s unhealthy, and aren’t adapted for it. We need sunshine and natural light.  Here are five ways to find winter peace: Learn to … Read More

Teen Breathe Magazine (Mood Boosters article)

Happiness has many health benefits. the main four brain chemicals called dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are known as the happy hormones and trigger the most joyful responses and helps our mind.    ways to boost your mood: listen to music  exercise for a bit  extra hours of sleep random acts of kindness  hug your … Read More

Greenlight card for young teens

Greenlight is a credit card system for teens to use and prepare them for using an actual credit card and track their money and be responsible and for parents to track their purchases.  my mom gave me a green light to use when I go out with friends and know that money on a credit … Read More

Youtube Art Classes

I like to do art lessons on Youtube.  Some of my favorites are Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. The Kennedy Center made them during covid.  Also Art Hub for Kids.  Some of my drawings are uploaded below.  I also sent some pictures I drew to Ranger Rick magazine.  They didn’t publish them yet but I … Read More

Math apps

I have a bunch of math apps on my ipad that I like to play.  I have Math Balanfce, Numbers!, Math Rescue, and Monster Math.  Monster Math is my favorite one.

Learning to play guitar

I started taking guitar lessons last year.  I had to stop for covid but I still have been practicing it and I think I want to start taking lessons again next year.  My mom plays guitar too.  I like to make up songs.

My Youtube Channel

I always wanted to start a Youtube channel.  My mom let me have one and I have been working on learning how to edit videos and add captions and titles to them.  I made a few videos.  I wish I could make it public so I could get more followers but mom says no.  I … Read More

Learning to Ride a Bike

I finally learned how to ride a bike this year.  We went to the park and I practiced on my new bike.  I’m starting to get it but I need more practice.  Mom told me why I have to wear a helmet all the time whenever I ride just like I do on my skateboard.

Investing in Roblox IPO

I heard my grandpop talking about how Roblox was having its IPO.  I didn’t know what that was so I asked him and he said I could buy shares of the company.  I didn’t know what that was either but I said I wanted to do it.  So my mom got me some on Robinhood … Read More

Fire Safety at our new apartment

 Moved into a new place Discussed hazards of living in an apartment building Read an article about and watched actual footage of one of the buildings burning that we found on youtube. Discussed how fire travels through apartments and that fire alarms may not work when electricity isn’t working Talked about egress plans in our … Read More