50 mins to save the world

I first saw this documentary on my recommended page on YouTube and I decided to watch it before hearing anything about it and what it was about. This documentary talks about the future and what could happen if we don’t stop throwing trash and things in the ocean that do not belong there before all of the coral reefs and oceans life dies for good.

Corals around the world are already in so much danger and already dying. The same way trees give oxygen, coral gives the same and is so important to humans and animals. So many reefs are in danger and need our help. We only have 30 years until its completely extinct people need to act now in stop using so many plastic products and certain beauty products that leave unhealthy debris on coral, seaweed, and other ocean plants. Spray sunscreen and regular sunscreen is one of the worst things you can wear in the ocean or in general, it leaves terrible oils and product on plants and coral in the ocean that can easily kill wildlife. and other types of chemicals that are sprays and lawn and farming sprays.

My family and I try to buy as little plastic items as possible, it’s hard almost everything is wrapped in plastic. We have found ways to avoid buying plastic by buying groceries with paper, cardboard, and glass. Global warming is a huge part of the problem too.

I’ve always wanted to help wildlife but never as much as I do now.

“We were given the gift of life on a planet filled with everything we could ever need… we have come to a crossroads we can either make history, or we will become history the key to saving our beautiful world starts with you.” Amir Zakeri