After School Skate Club with Skate the Foundry

I learned how to skateboard.  I joined a skate club that meets after school on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.  It was at Middletown Community Park’s Skate Park.  We meet with our instructor Andrew and he teaches us different tricks.  He taught me how to go down big ramps.  I am working on learning to ollie and manual.  I can do a 180 and ride up and down the ramps.  I also made my own trick called the “Bodhi trick”. You go up a ramp, go sideways back then go back down. I don’t know how I did it I was trying to just go down the ramp but my teacher said we should give it a name.  It took him three tries to do it.  And I did it on accident. I have a Santa Cruz board.  Also, our friend gave us a new skate deck that I’m going to make into a shelf for my room.  I got to meet Tommy Asta who is a pro rider for Santa Cruz.  He lives nearby the park. It was cool to meet a famous skater and he talked to us about skating and showed us tricks.