Fire Safety at our new apartment

  1.  Moved into a new place
  2. Discussed hazards of living in an apartment building
  3. Read an article about and watched actual footage of one of the buildings burning that we found on youtube.
  4. Discussed how fire travels through apartments and that fire alarms may not work when electricity isn’t working
  5. Talked about egress plans in our new place.  We are on the second floor.
  6. Discussed way to get down off our second-floor balcony safely
  7. Discussed how to manage her sibling and ensure he gets out safely due to the fact that she lives on the same side of the apartment as he does. I.e. Make sure he goes out of the window first or he might not go out at all
  8. Discussed cooking safety in our kitchen and how to properly use the fire extinguishers.
  9. Discussed when and when not use water on a fire (i.e. grease fire do not use water)
  10. Discussed stop, drop, and roll.