Fire Safety

We moved to a new apartment building and my mom and I created a fire safety plan for our family. I would feel if my door is hot to feel if there is a fire outside in the hallway.  If it’s really bad and the door is hot I would open my window and call for help.  My mom showed me how to unlock the window and push the screen out.  If the fire is not too bad I would crawl through the hallway to the front door and meet my mom in our meeting space outside across the parking lot.  We crawl because the smoke goes up high.  If I can’t get out the front door, I would do to the back balcony and call for help or jump off.  It’s kind of high but not too high so I would be okay jumping.  My mom said it’s better to get out of the house than to stay in if there’s a fire. If I catch on fire or my clothes do I would stop, drop, and roll. You don’t run because it gives the fire more oxygen.  Rolling puts it out because it smothers it.  I told my mom I don’t want to jump off the balcony and she is getting me a rope ladder for my room so I can use that if I need to.  I also completed a fire safety workbook.