Wetland’s Institute Homeschool Science Program #1: Marvelous Migration

We went to Cape May Point State Park for a homeschool program.  It was about birds and butterflies.  We talked about migration which is when the birds fly together to go somewhere else for different seasons. They migrate for food and also for warmer weather.  We got binoculars and spent some time watching birds.  They showed us how to identify them in the air and we had a paper to track what we saw. We saw Osprey, Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Northern harriers.  WE did not see a Red-tailed hawk or a broad-winged hawk.  The other animals we saw were frogs, a big orb-weaving spider, and butterflies and dragonflies.  We saw some fish too. We each got one bird to read about and mine was the Northern Harrier.  I wrote about it in our workbook.  This is what I wrote:

My animal is the Northern Harrier. It migrates to South Jersey in the winter season.  The food this animal is looking for is small mammals, sometimes coastal development can be an obstacle for this animal during migration and can cause harm.