Greenlight card for young teens

Greenlight is a credit card system for teens to use and prepare them for using an actual credit card and track their money and be responsible and for parents to track their purchases.  my mom gave me a green light to use when I go out with friends and know that money on a credit … Read More

Math apps

I have a bunch of math apps on my ipad that I like to play.  I have Math Balanfce, Numbers!, Math Rescue, and Monster Math.  Monster Math is my favorite one.

Investing in Roblox IPO

I heard my grandpop talking about how Roblox was having its IPO.  I didn’t know what that was so I asked him and he said I could buy shares of the company.  I didn’t know what that was either but I said I wanted to do it.  So my mom got me some on Robinhood … Read More

My website:

My mom and I built a website together.  She does this for her work but she showed me how to do some things. My idea was to make a site that had a dinosaur coloring page for all the letters of the alphabet.  She paid an artist to draw the pictures.  I picked which dinosaur … Read More

Math Workbook and Pages

Workbook: My grandmother bought me a 5th-grade math workbook for Christmas. I’ve been working on problems in the book like multiplication and whole numbers.

My Stock Market Project

For this project, I researched and chose a few companies to invest in. My grandmother gave me some money to cover the costs. The companies that I picked were: Apple, Starbucks, and Nike. I picked them because I like the companies and we looked at the charts to see if they were making money this … Read More