Youtube Art Classes

I like to do art lessons on Youtube.  Some of my favorites are Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. The Kennedy Center made them during covid.  Also Art Hub for Kids.  Some of my drawings are uploaded below.  I also sent some pictures I drew to Ranger Rick magazine.  They didn’t publish them yet but I … Read More

Tree of Life Pendant

I went to Uncorked Artist for a class on how to make the Tree of Life into a pendant. First, we got to pick out the beads we wanted to use for this project. Next, we had to pick out a hoop size for our tree. I picked out the medium hoop out. Then, we … Read More

Ginger Bread Contest

Every year me and my grandmother make a ginger bread house for the Peddler’s Village contest. I go to her house after she buys the ingredients and we bake the ginger bread. Then, we put it all together with icing then decorate it. This year i made the Washington Monument we made the monument with … Read More

My trip to Washington D.C.

On Friday, October 25th my grandmother and I took a train to Washington D.C. And took a tour of The White House the first thing we did was the trolly tour. We drove past the Capitol building there was one flag over each house of Representatives the flags are up when in session. Across the … Read More

bracelet making

I love making bracelets and this summer I learned how to make a chevron bracelet. I’ve made a few but I want to make more and I’m trying to learn a new pattern called “triangle chevron” you could probably guess what that looks like its a bit more complicated than the one know how to … Read More

my trip to the Pennsylvania capitol

I went on a trip to the state capitol. I took a tour and learned about the building, tiles, Senate room, House room and more.         Tiles: I saw the tiles in the lobby and they looked very familiar, so, I asked our tour guide where they were from. She said they … Read More

Rising Stars Halloween Show Performance

I performed the song Castle on a Cloud for the Rising Stars Halloween show.  I uploaded my video to my youtube channel.  Here is a link to my performance:  

Music Theatre Philly Willy Wonka Theatre Workshop

This fall I joined a theatre program at Music Theatre Philly.  Every Saturday I took a train downtown to Philadelphia with my mom.  I went to the class where we learned to sing, act and dance for a musical called Willy Wonka.  I played the part of one of the children’s mothers.  I had a … Read More