Slime and my Slime Website

one day I discovered a thing called slime. I was obsessed with slime. I wasn’t allowed to make it. Until one day a got a Tinker Crate that was a slime-making kit I was super happy I finally got to make slime.  It came with glue, borax, and a mixing spoon and a few other … Read More

My 12 week Pottery Class at Tyler State Park

I participated in a pottery class for 12 weeks. The class was at the Earth Pottery Center, Tyler State Park. My grandma took me to the pottery classes. we started with hand building before we started with wheel. For all the projects we started with 2 pounds of clay, apparently that is a manageable amount … Read More

Spanish Class at the Newtown YMCA

I took a Spanish class at the Newtown YMCA.  Mondays at 5:30 pm.  I did two 6-week sessions.  In class we learned numbers, colors, introductions and greetings, family names like grandma and grandpa (abuela and abuelo) and a bunch of other nouns and pronouns.  We played games in Spanish and sang Feliz Navidad for Christmas.

Philadelphia Logo Design

This project involved creating a vector file of the philadelphia city skyline.  I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to do it.