My trip to Washington D.C.

On Friday, October 25th my grandmother and I took a train to Washington D.C. And took a tour of The White House the first thing we did was the trolly tour. We drove past the Capitol building there was one flag over each house of Representatives the flags are up when in session. Across the … Read More

my trip to the Pennsylvania capitol

I went on a trip to the state capitol. I took a tour and learned about the building, tiles, Senate room, House room and more.         Tiles: I saw the tiles in the lobby and they looked very familiar, so, I asked our tour guide where they were from. She said they … Read More

The US Constitution

I have a copy of the Constitution, not the original copy, but a copy from a time when I visited the old Barracks in Trenton, NJ. The Constitution was written after the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration came first in 1776, and the Constitution came next in 1787.  It was signed in Philadelphia at Independence which I … Read More

The Declaration of Independence

I went to the Old Barracks building in Trenton NJ.  I got a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  it looks like the real one and is hard to read so I printed a copy of the words.  The most famous part of the declaration is the beginning where it says  “We hold these truths to be … Read More