After School Skate Club with Skate the Foundry

I learned how to skateboard.  I joined a skate club that meets after school on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.  It was at Middletown Community Park’s Skate Park.  We meet with our instructor Andrew and he teaches us different tricks.  He taught me how to go down big ramps.  I am working on learning to ollie … Read More

Martin Luther King Jr report

Who is Martin Luther King, Jr? Martin was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15th, 1929 and died in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4th, 1968.   What did he do? Martin was a Baptist Minister and social activist who led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the mid 1950s until his death … Read More

Tree of Life Pendant

I went to Uncorked Artist for a class on how to make the Tree of Life into a pendant. First, we got to pick out the beads we wanted to use for this project. Next, we had to pick out a hoop size for our tree. I picked out the medium hoop out. Then, we … Read More

Ginger Bread Contest

Every year me and my grandmother make a ginger bread house for the Peddler’s Village contest. I go to her house after she buys the ingredients and we bake the ginger bread. Then, we put it all together with icing then decorate it. This year i made the Washington Monument we made the monument with … Read More

my trip to the academy of natural sciences

My grandma bought us an annual membership to the academy of natural sciences for me, my mom and my brother. One Friday morning we drove down to the museum. We got to the museum around 11 and left around 2. We saw a show about birds and snakes while we were there. The woman told … Read More

Honest History Magazine

The title of the first magazine I got was called “The War Of The Currents”. It is about how Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla both had electric companies and had a battle on who had a better company. When Tesla first arrived in America he worked for Thomas Edison at Edison machine works. Tesla had … Read More

My Trip to the North Carolina Aquarium

I took a family vacation to NC this year. We went to the Outer Banks and spent a week visiting various places down there. One of the places I visited was the North Carolina Aquarium. A new part of the aquarium is the S.T.A.R  (Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation) center. This is a 3,000 square … Read More

Math Workbook and Pages

Workbook: My grandmother bought me a 5th-grade math workbook for Christmas. I’ve been working on problems in the book like multiplication and whole numbers.

The US Constitution

I have a copy of the Constitution, not the original copy, but a copy from a time when I visited the old Barracks in Trenton, NJ. The Constitution was written after the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration came first in 1776, and the Constitution came next in 1787.  It was signed in Philadelphia at Independence which I … Read More

The Declaration of Independence

I went to the Old Barracks building in Trenton NJ.  I got a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  it looks like the real one and is hard to read so I printed a copy of the words.  The most famous part of the declaration is the beginning where it says  “We hold these truths to be … Read More