Health and Physiology

Teen Breathe Magazine (Getting Grounded)

During winter people deal with lower mood, less energy and eat more it’s a natural response to when it’s cold outside and want to stay inside but humans can’t hibernate like bears it’s unhealthy, and aren’t adapted for it. We need sunshine and natural light.  Here are five ways to find winter peace: Learn to … Read More

Teen Breathe Magazine (Mood Boosters article)

Happiness has many health benefits. the main four brain chemicals called dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are known as the happy hormones and trigger the most joyful responses and helps our mind.    ways to boost your mood: listen to music  exercise for a bit  extra hours of sleep random acts of kindness  hug your … Read More

Health Class

For health class, I read the book by American Girl “The Care & Keeping Of You: The Body Book For Younger Girls”.  The book talks about how to take care of your body and staying healthy.  It also talks about girls body’s change over time.

Tuesday Night Youth Series at Bear Creek Mountain

This year I signed up for the Tuesday night ski program at Bear Creek.  Every Tuesday I went to the mountain and skied.  I with other kids my age and ability level in a class.  It was the same kids every week and same teacher. It was my first time on a ski lift.  We … Read More