Language Arts

Learning to play the Ukelele

I’m learning how to play the ukelele.  My mom got me a book with CD to learn some songs but mostly I just use youtube for lessons.  I have a chord chart that shows all the proper fingerings for the chords. I also got a book that has chords and music for the songs from … Read More

My Trip to Salem, Massachusetts

We drove to Salem and here is what we did: We stayed in an Airbnb that was close to town so we could walk there.  It was October and lots of people come for Halloween festivals in Salem. We saw creepy guys walking down the streets dressed like scary characters from movies and shows and … Read More

Voice lessons at Academy Taillefer of Vocal Performance

I took voice lessons every Wednesday at 3:30 pm.  They were 30 min lessons.  The lessons were with the same teacher I had last year, Miss Sophie, she just changed the name of the school from Rising Stars to Academy Taillefer of Vocal Performance. I didn’t do any performances this year, just the private lessons. … Read More

Honest History Magazine

The title of the first magazine I got was called “The War Of The Currents”. It is about how Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla both had electric companies and had a battle on who had a better company. When Tesla first arrived in America he worked for Thomas Edison at Edison machine works. Tesla had … Read More