Learning to play guitar

I started taking guitar lessons last year.  I had to stop for covid but I still have been practicing it and I think I want to start taking lessons again next year.  My mom plays guitar too.  I like to make up songs.

Learning to play the Ukelele

I’m learning how to play the ukelele.  My mom got me a book with CD to learn some songs but mostly I just use youtube for lessons.  I have a chord chart that shows all the proper fingerings for the chords. I also got a book that has chords and music for the songs from … Read More

Voice lessons at Academy Taillefer of Vocal Performance

I took voice lessons every Wednesday at 3:30 pm.  They were 30 min lessons.  The lessons were with the same teacher I had last year, Miss Sophie, she just changed the name of the school from Rising Stars to Academy Taillefer of Vocal Performance. I didn’t do any performances this year, just the private lessons. … Read More

Rising Stars Christmas Show

I performed “Where are you Christmas?” at the Rising Stars 2017 Christmas Show.  I uploaded my performance to youtube.

Spanish Class at the Newtown YMCA

I took a Spanish class at the Newtown YMCA.  Mondays at 5:30 pm.  I did two 6-week sessions.  In class we learned numbers, colors, introductions and greetings, family names like grandma and grandpa (abuela and abuelo) and a bunch of other nouns and pronouns.  We played games in Spanish and sang Feliz Navidad for Christmas.