Physical Education

Learning to Ride a Bike

I finally learned how to ride a bike this year.  We went to the park and I practiced on my new bike.  I’m starting to get it but I need more practice.  Mom told me why I have to wear a helmet all the time whenever I ride just like I do on my skateboard.

Exhibition Team Gymnastics at the NAC

I joined Ex last year and it was stopped early cause of the pandemic, I joined again this year and quit dance and I love it. I go three times a week for an hour and a half and work on skills I have and don’t have yet on beam, bars, vault and floor everyday … Read More

Skiing & Snowboarding at Bear Creek Mountain

My mom got us season passes at bear creek mountain.  I have skied for a few years now and this year I finally got to do it without the leash and can turn and stop on my own.  I snowboarded too.  I love bear creek it is so much fun.

After School Skate Club with Skate the Foundry

I learned how to skateboard.  I joined a skate club that meets after school on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.  It was at Middletown Community Park’s Skate Park.  We meet with our instructor Andrew and he teaches us different tricks.  He taught me how to go down big ramps.  I am working on learning to ollie … Read More

Tuesday Night Youth Series at Bear Creek Mountain

I Took a 6 Week Skiing Class at Bear Creek.     Skiing: This class taught me a lot about skills and tricks. I met a few friends during this class. We learned about how skiing takes a lot of skill to do. We went on two black diamond trails. I also was learning how … Read More

Knecht Dance Academy

This year I decided to go back to dancing at my old dance academy, Knecht Dance Academy. I used to dance with them a few years ago but they lost the studio. But then this year they found a rec center, The Northampton Recreation Center, that allowed them to rent a room. I took two … Read More

Homeschool Tumbling Day

Every Monday for a few weeks I went to homeschool tumbling day at the Newtown Athletic Club Brown.  There was a lot of gymnastics equipment like huge trampoline, foam pit, tumble track, spring floors, & spring boards.  I liked it because it was fun and I met some friends.

NAC Dance Team

At the Newtown Athletic Club or NAC, there is a dance team.  I joined the team in September.  The team practiced and went to competitions during the whole year from September to May.  We practiced twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.  We had off for the holidays.  Mondays was Jazz and Thursdays was Hip … Read More