Safety Education

Greenlight card for young teens

Greenlight is a credit card system for teens to use and prepare them for using an actual credit card and track their money and be responsible and for parents to track their purchases.  my mom gave me a green light to use when I go out with friends and know that money on a credit … Read More

Learning to Ride a Bike

I finally learned how to ride a bike this year.  We went to the park and I practiced on my new bike.  I’m starting to get it but I need more practice.  Mom told me why I have to wear a helmet all the time whenever I ride just like I do on my skateboard.

Fire Safety at our new apartment

 Moved into a new place Discussed hazards of living in an apartment building Read an article about and watched actual footage of one of the buildings burning that we found on youtube. Discussed how fire travels through apartments and that fire alarms may not work when electricity isn’t working Talked about egress plans in our … Read More

Fire Safety

We moved to a new apartment building and my mom and I created a fire safety plan for our family. I would feel if my door is hot to feel if there is a fire outside in the hallway.  If it’s really bad and the door is hot I would open my window and call … Read More

Edgely’s Fire Prevention Night & Competition

I went to Edgely`s Fire Prevention Night & Competition. There were lots of vendors and various fire displays.   Open house with vendors and Safety info on house fire: the main part of this was to help you with your fire safety. Here are some things I learned at the convention: if you see a … Read More