The Wetlands Institute program

We took another day trip but this time to Ocean City, NJ for another program by The Wetlands institute but about the wind, wavelengths, and the tide. We set up stations by the bay the first was a station for catching creatures with little nets the second station was measuring the wind speed and looking … Read More

The Wetlands Institute program

We took a day trip to Cape May to do a program through the wetlands institute about the migration of butterflies and birds. First out guide Michelle taught us about the different species of birds and about the sizes and characteristics of them and then our guide took us up to a bird watching deck … Read More

Wetland’s Institute Homeschool Science Program #1: Marvelous Migration

We went to Cape May Point State Park for a homeschool program.  It was about birds and butterflies.  We talked about migration which is when the birds fly together to go somewhere else for different seasons. They migrate for food and also for warmer weather.  We got binoculars and spent some time watching birds.  They … Read More

50 mins to save the world

I first saw this documentary on my recommended page on YouTube and I decided to watch it before hearing anything about it and what it was about. This documentary talks about the future and what could happen if we don’t stop throwing trash and things in the ocean that do not belong there before all … Read More

My Hermit Crabs

I made this video about my hermit crabs.  I got them during covid to keep me busy and because I want to learn about how to take care of a pet.  They need lots of things like salt water and fresh water and I have to change the cage bedding and sand.   I like to … Read More

Earth Day Education and Volunteer Event at Snipes Farm

We went to Snipes Farm for a special Earth day event.  We saw a bunch of animals and helped build a new bunny enclosure.  We took a tour of the farm and learned what they grow there and how they keep the deer out.  I got to feed goats but they weren’t hungry though. I … Read More

Dissecting a Frog

I dissected a frog. Not a real one. It was cool.  Now I know what a frog looks like on the inside. I had to use special tools to peel back the skin. The skin was like slime.  I could see the skeleton, heart, intestines, skull, brain, stomach, and eyes.  Maybe sometime i will check … Read More

my trip to the academy of natural sciences

My grandma bought us an annual membership to the academy of natural sciences for me, my mom and my brother. One Friday morning we drove down to the museum. We got to the museum around 11 and left around 2. We saw a show about birds and snakes while we were there. The woman told … Read More

Honest History Magazine

The title of the first magazine I got was called “The War Of The Currents”. It is about how Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla both had electric companies and had a battle on who had a better company. When Tesla first arrived in America he worked for Thomas Edison at Edison machine works. Tesla had … Read More

My Trip to the North Carolina Aquarium

I took a family vacation to NC this year. We went to the Outer Banks and spent a week visiting various places down there. One of the places I visited was the North Carolina Aquarium. A new part of the aquarium is the S.T.A.R  (Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation) center. This is a 3,000 square … Read More