Rising Stars Christmas Show

I performed “Where are you Christmas?” at the Rising Stars 2017 Christmas Show.  I uploaded my performance to youtube.

Rising Stars Halloween Show Performance

I performed the song Castle on a Cloud for the Rising Stars Halloween show.  I uploaded my video to my youtube channel.  Here is a link to my performance:  

Slime and my Slime Website

one day I discovered a thing called slime. I was obsessed with slime. I wasn’t allowed to make it. Until one day a got a Tinker Crate that was a slime-making kit I was super happy I finally got to make slime.  It came with glue, borax, and a mixing spoon and a few other … Read More

NASA Homeschool Program “Engineering Design Process”

I participated in a program at Wallops Island Flight Facility. This facility is run by NASA. The visitor center where the program was is smaller than you would think. The field where they had the rest of the facility where the rockets are launched from was across the street. We were not allowed in there. … Read More

Solar Eclipse Program at Pen Ryn School

On August 21st there was a solar eclipse that was visible across the US.  We were not in the path of totality (where you can see the whole eclipse) but I went to a program at my friend’s school that day. During the program we made cereal boxes into solar eclipse viewers.  We took a … Read More

My trip to the Mercer Museum

I went to the Henry Chapman Mercer Museum with my Grandmom.  Here are some things that I learned about Henry Mercer: his family was very rich he was never married he went to school to be a lawyer he became an archeologist later he started to make decorative tiles The Fonthill Castle was his home.  All … Read More

My Stock Market Project

For this project, I researched and chose a few companies to invest in. My grandmother gave me some money to cover the costs. The companies that I picked were: Apple, Starbucks, and Nike. I picked them because I like the companies and we looked at the charts to see if they were making money this … Read More

Philadelphia Logo Design

This project involved creating a vector file of the philadelphia city skyline.  I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to do it.